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The Property Flyer is a marketing piece for an individual property featuring photo(s), property information, an official description, map location, and my contact information to get answers to additional questions. Property flyers are useful to share properties or physically track properties you’re interested in.

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The Property Flyer is a one or two-page report that serves as a marketing piece for a property. The report features a property photo, map, pricing information, description, and basic facts about the property as well as MLS listing information for a listed property.

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Andrew Coleman

Meet Andrew Coleman

My wife and I have been married for 17 years and I’m the lucky father to 4 wonderful kids! My background is in physical therapy in many different settings. I worked as a physical therapist assistant for 7 years and still maintain my license today. With the changes in the field of PT I thoughtfully and prayerfully made the decision to become a REALTOR. My father has been a broker in both Oregon and Idaho for over 20 years. He’s been a valuable resource as I continue to learn this field. His approach is down to earth being from a farming community but he’s known across the valley for honesty and integrity…for just being himself. Watching his career I knew that I would still be able to help people and provide great customer service as a REALTOR.

Meet Andrew Coleman